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Feb. 7: Juan Pizarro born

Feb. 7, 1937: Juan Pizarro born in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Feb. 7: Pat Moran born

Feb. 7, 1876: Pat Moran born in Fitchburg, Mass. Cubs catcher 1906-09.

Jan. 20: Ozzie Guillen born

Jan. 20, 1964: Ozzie Guillen born in Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela. White Sox shortstop 1985-97 & manager 2004-11.

Jan. 20: Sam Hairston born

Jan. 20, 1920: Sam Hairston is born in Crawford, Mississippi.

Jan. 19: Chick Gandil born

Jan. 19, 1888: Arnold “Chick” Gandil born in St. Paul, Minnesota. White Sox first baseman 1917-19.

Jan. 16: Jack McDowell born

Jan. 16, 1966: Jack McDowell born in Van Nuys, Calif. White Sox pitcher 1987-94. Three-time All-Star, Cy Young winner in 1993.

Jan. 6: Early Wynn born

Jan. 6, 1920: Early Wynn born in Hartford, Alabama. Pitched five of his 23 major league seasons for the White Sox (1958–1962), winning the Cy Young award in 1959

Jan. 6: Billy Purtell born

Jan. 6, 1886: Billy Purtell born in Columbus, Ohio. White Sox third baseman 1908-10. The first of his two career home runs was the subject of controversy when it ricocheted off a goat. Read about it in his SABR bio.

Jan. 5: Ron Kittle born

Jan. 5, 1958: Ron Kittle born in Gary, Indiana. White Sox outfielder & DH 1982-1986. Rookie of the Year and All-Star in 1983

Jan. 3, 1910: Stanley “Frenchy” Bordagaray born

Jan. 3, 1910: Stanley “Frenchy” Bordagaray born in Coalinga, Calif. Got a pinch hit in his major league debut with the White Sox in 1934. Member of the Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame. Had a bit role in the 1936… Continue Reading →

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